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Why hello there!

Hello my fellow friends! I just wanted to say that i have gone completely insane due to the fact that midterms are coming up. I think tests are the dumbest things ever! :P I think it motivates people to fail... Anyways...

How great is Humpin Humpin the most annoying person in the world??? Well at least she barely speaks to me anymore... which is a good thing because then i dont have to hear her degrading "fake" voice. I'm so glad she doesn't ask me for answers to H.W. because she's "too proud" to ask me. Sorry honey lets not EVEN GO THERE! it's not like I'd GIVE you the answers anyway!

Hey Absolut! Thanks again for commenting on my away message~ Your comments really are motivating me to come up with dumber and dumber messages! really! :)
Did I even tell you that Humpin Humpin was saying the SHE was the REAL angel and that you were just the opposite of angel... hmm... i guess not...

Just because she wears an angel shirt doesn't mean that she is one... PLEASE! she should wear an "I am a slut face shirt"...
As I would say to Stephanie... You suck more than the proverbial vibrator..... interesting imagery huh?

So another stress in my life besides midterms and dealing with my leg humping aquaintence... is junior prom... How the heck are we supposed to plan everything out by February?!? Geeez! There are just too many complications! Besides the little stress of who has dates and who doesn't... (I'm one that doesn't... well i don't have a set one) anyways...

Who invited Humpin humpin to go along anyways??? It's not like we exactly want her corrupted Puritan ass humping ways to be with us....
"I would never do that because it's wrong"
GOD! just shoot me now! Since she'd bitch and complain if she didn't go with us... cause you know she doesn't have any other "friends" (i use that term loosely)
SO... I asked her... "are you bringing your cousin to prom?"
She of course just wrote... "i'll have a date"

Unless she pays someone to go with her, someone is really desparate, or she goes with her cousin (not telling anyone that he's her cousin) fine by me... she's not gonna be my mother for another night in my teenage life. Oh did i just ruin her plans about her cousin? boohoo everyone knows already anyway!

So goodbye to Humpin Humpin's problems cause you will never be an angel by any means nor respected by anyone~

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