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Hello all

Hello everyone! I am writing you an entry today because of a personal request! I didn't know you guys loved me so much :) I feel so special now!! :)

Here's a Happy Birthday Shout out to Stephanie!!
And Here's another Happy Birthday Shout out to J. Witness!!
"Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Stephanie and J. Witness Happy birthday to you!!!!!"

Oh and...

How great was it in Applebee's with that scary waiter dude???
"I'll get a Strawberry Daquiri"
"Excuse me?"
"I'll get a Strawberry Daquiri"
"A virgin?"
"what are you saying she's a virgin?"

"you ordered a diet coke right?"
"what are you saying she needs to go on a diet?"

Sorry jenn, i dont think he picked up on your psychomaniacal humor :P

"hey you sound different on the phone"
hey jerk give me my phone back!!!
"she likes cheese"

"this shake tastes funny... I think it has alcohol in it"
Yes amanda... banana shakes usually have alcohol in it... right... weirdo~

"aww cip's date looks like she's five!"
"why are you five?"
"aww look he's nervous his foot is shaking"

"hey i got another soda! and i didn't even finish my first one!"

"jenn had a miscarrage!"

Okay... that was out eventful applebees dinner...

"No, i need more candles... no i need more candles..."
"how many candles do you have on here????"

"I dont want to be known as the DOOKIE GIRL!!!"

That pretty much sums up the trip to steph's house...

Jenn... you are mush mush and i love you... now stop badgering me into writing a journal entry! It's not going to work damnit! it's not!
You may look like an AbsoluT AngeL... and stop doing that dumb halo thing with you hands *everyone laughs* :)
Awwww mush mush!!!

How great is three way calling meshed into three way calling..
making it four way calling!
how great?
pretty great!
"what it is you good for? absolutely nothing"

"Jimmy dolan told my sister to say hi to me... and to tell me that i smell..."
"how great?!"
"Pretty great!"

Damn you jenn i wrote this entry for you! for you damnit!!!! for yoU!!!!!!!

*~*lots of love here*~*
the cute anklebiter
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