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Dedicated to Jennifer Domashevich... who has the longest name in the world

Giddy on life. Me and Jenn are reminiscing in our udder weirdness way back in the day. Yea... anyways...
I go back to CMU tomorrow and I actually can't wait! Well I'm not going to enjoy the shit loads of work I'm going to have in the next two weeks but I get to see Matt... and his lack of hair. ha. 5 days is a long time to do absolutely nothing. I'm starting to feel a bit worthless so I'm going to attempt to do Policy Analysis reading... or rather... catch up on 3 weeks worth. Go me.

I went shopping today. I bought 4 sweaters and a pair of crazy ass stiletto heels. I love shopping with my mom. It's the best. EVER.
Note to self: Do not let your kids dress like they are trying out for JLo's Flashdance video. One: at age 13, you do not have the body and end up looking like a mass of bones who's feet are too big for your body. Two: it really isn't attractive. Go put on some clothes that fit. Thanks.
In retrospect, I probably shouldn't be talking... but somehow I find it sad/inappropritate when I see pre-pubescent girls running around in thongs and 4inch platform heels. At that age, its okay to be short. Unlike me, you'll probably grow a few inches before you top out. I just accept the fact that I will never be over 5' without the aid of some kind of specialized footwear. Okay, that is the end of my rant for tonight. Homework time!
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