PeopleHoleGrace (supermeh) wrote,

Statistics and the Penis.

I'm amused:

Olga: The average penis in its excited state is 6" long (according to some magazine). lets assume that the standard deviation is 1. plug in numbers into my fave TI-83:
normalcdf(9,1e99,6,1)=.00134997->.1% probability.

now let's try to increase the standard deviation - 2. again we plug in numbers and here's what we get:
normalcdf(9,1e99,6,2)=.066807 -> 6.68% probability.

i understand that there are outliers and all kinds of biases during the collection of the sample (i doubt a census would be conducted to find this out) but we have to trust the whatever magazine.

therefore, don't brag that you have a 9" dick, statistically, it's just not very likely.

Matt: Assuming that penis size is a normal distribution.

Upon this reply, Olga cracked up hysterically and called Matt a CMU nerd.

He then says:
Hey, I took stats too. You think we didn't dicuss such things?

Me: Weirdo... I never ever would have thought of that kind of nonsense
Matt: Sure... you just didnt take stats and/or have a penis.

Okay, so is it me... or am I surrounded by strange, yet amusing people?


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