PeopleHoleGrace (supermeh) wrote,


KDR's Rose Formal was this weekend. It was at the Renaissance Hotel and it was super nice. Here are some pics.

Warning: Hot Girls... and boys.

Pics with the girls!

Tri-delt girls (and dates)

Me and Andrea! Yay! We finally have a photo together!

Two sex-ay biatches. Oh yea baby!

Yay. Me and Matt

Matt and Chev

Cute Boys!

Me and Simone

Aw. West and Jess. They're so cute!

Andrea, Simone, Me and Matt

Me and Jenn... right after we got our groove on

Andrea, Glenos, and I posing for the camera... Or rather Glenos posing for the camera... Andrea and I are just props

Drink?  *asian glow*

And the game is: Chug-a-lug

Nice establishment + good food + acceptable beverages + one HOT dress + cute shoes + small girl + cute boy + pretty flowers = Excellent time!

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