PeopleHoleGrace (supermeh) wrote,

Pledge Night and other Festivities

Friday- KDR pledge night.
It was an AWESOME night!! Lots of fun! Lots of partying! and well... lots of passing out before 12am. Funfunfun!!

Me and Grundle. Wow.. he looks really tall...

Me and Simone. I like his tie and shirt. Maybe because its red. go figure.

Me and my baby. Yay! (psst. he's cute! )

Me and Jake.

Kim, Kate, and Shulman.

Me and Andrea! Yay! Finally a good photo of us!

Classic Asian Picture... no words needed... it's self explainatory.

So I changed out of my party clothes into something more comfortable to wear... only to get soaking wet, and cold. Thanks Wolbach! You're the BEST... right... I did laundry under the influence. haha That was definitely a first.

Me and Wolbach waiting for our laundry to be done.

Feb. 1, 2004--
Matt is officially 20! Which means.... well. nothing interesting but the fact that it was his birthday meant I had to spread the word so that he could get showered. Yes, I know he loves me because I orchestrated the showering event... well not really cause it IS tradition... I just made sure everyone knew about it...

Matt getting carried to the showers...haha it was awesome. Not that he put up much of a fight...

Matt-- Post shower. He looks clean...

... and very wet apparantly.


Well that was my weekend. It was crazy and fun and wild.
Hope you enjoyed my pictures!!!!

Congrats to your 10 pledges KDR!

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