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So my very first Spring Break vacation... and I decide to go to Disneyworld a week in advance.

The verdict? An excellent very very fun but exhausting trip... Here's the details!!! Well, mostly pictures...

DAY 1: Magic Kingdom

We woke up at 6:45am and took the 8am shuttle to the park. Yes, we're crazy people.

Cinderella's Castle. Yay.

3-D glasses are fun

innocent me before jumping into a car...

matt thinking he's going to die & me laughing. (i'm a better driver than this really...)

eric and rachel doing the same

Princess rachel and Eric Solo?

Me and Matt in the stocks.

resting for a bit... it's not everyday you wake up at 6:45am....

DAY 2: MGM in the morning Magic Kingdom at Night followed by Downtown Disney

Smile! Eric and Matt having fun.

TOWER OF TERROR... gahhh. Matt laughed at me the entire ride because I kept making funny squeaky noises... gr

Random Pictures together

MGM at Night

Magic Kingdom Fireworks! (Wishes)

Dinner at The Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney

DAY 3: Animal Kingdom and then to MGM for the Fantasmic show

Some animals... If I put them all up... you'd kill me

Hot Pink bird. fun.

ROAR! scary lion.

haha.. matt got a little wet on one of the rides.

Fun at the Petting zoo!!!

Fantasmic at MGM

DAY 4: Epcot

We went on Fasttrack which is this cool ride that simulates different test conditions for cars and stuff.

My hair after the Fasttrack ride

Browsing in some stores...

Epcot at Night.

Epcot Fireworks (Illuminations)

Throughout all four days there were lots of funny hats worn and pictures taken... hehe

Now we're all back and it's time to recuperate...


We did everything we wanted to do at all 4 parks in 4 days minus the things that weren't open plus a few extra things to kill time. There was a lot of walking, a lot of eating of Turkey Legs and desserts and a heck of a lot of sleeping.

I would give you guys the full recap but it would take forever and besides, I have a horrible memory. So enjoy my pictures and deal with it!
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