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Wednesday, January 10th, 2001
5:09 pm - Row Row Row Your Desk
Row Row Row In Physics... Merrily Down the stream... Yes kiddies and kiddos I am back! I dont know for how long but I am back! :)
Here are some things that have happened in the past couple weeks...

Watched Twelfth Night at "Humpin Humpin's" house and made a nice little sign for Krista... "I'm afraid of dogs... Confront me"

We had a giant now storm and me and AbsoluT here buckled in, nice and tight in the back of the jeep... "Ride on cowboy!!" "Oh MY GOD! It's convulsing!!!!"

We tried to play a condom trick on Humpin Humpin but no avail there... boo

I got attitude galore by "you know who"

*do do do do do dodododo... do do do do do doo doo... do do do do do dododo doo.... *pop* goes the middle finger* haha... if you don't get it than its just a lost cause.

I got a phone call the other day... This guy called and asked how I was doing... I said fine... I asked who it was... He gave me a name... and then proceeded to ask me what i was doing that night and if he could be my slave....
hmmm.... ok next topic....

I FINALLY SAW RIVERDANCE!!!! and it was the greatest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!! I swear, it was awesome... You should go see it!!!

Oh yeah.... I forgot about the Karaoke at my house~ How great was that???

And to put a finishing touch on the past few weeks.... including today...
I completely flipped out with Alex when she had this little wooly worm... or some type of weird neon geeenish white elliptical bug on her shoulder with like 18 legs... suspicious... I wonder where it came from???

Anyways~ I'm out for now... Hopefully you will get an update tomorrow of my fun and exciting day at Plainedge! :P

*~*Your's Truly*~*

current mood: drained

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Friday, December 29th, 2000
4:06 pm - Yip!
Now, wait a gosh darn second! hahahahahaha! STEPH YOU DEFINITELY SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
How great did Steph come over yesterday and look down at my floor and go... "you can see the lights from downstairs!"
Sorry, it was a PIECE OF TINSLE!!!!!
Let it snow let it snow baby!!! Whoo hooO!!!!!!
Well, I have much more stuff to do today so I'm out... Nothing interesting has happened...
Oh yeah... I got a scanner for X-Mas~ whoo hooo! Too bad my mom is going to lynch the person who bought it for me!!!!!

Im out
aka Jenn's eyelid impaired buddy!!!

current mood: dorky

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Tuesday, December 26th, 2000
2:09 pm - Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays everyone!! Man, I have so much work to do!!!! Blaaaaaah~ I still have to wrap presents too... hahahaha Yes I know that it's late~
hahahaha So in Passions... Sheridan is dead... no wait.. shes still alive.. no. she's dead.... Oh wait she's a live agaiN!!! damnit make up your minds!!!!!!!! Geeeeeeez!!!!!! Holy mother of pearl! lol
I'm going to go shopping later... burn off all that Christmas money~ Oh yeah baby!!!

My cookies were a success!!! Yes, I know they took me forever to get right, but after 40 phone calls to Dierge they came out really good! :)

Wellllllllllllllllll~ I'm out~ I hope everyone has a good vacation and doesn't have as much work as I do. :P

*~*Holiday Shouts from SUPERMEH*~*

current mood: chipper

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Thursday, December 21st, 2000
11:12 pm - Yawn
SCHOOL IS FINALLY OUT!!!! whoo hoo!! Yay for me... to bad i have fourty thousand things to do for physics!!!!!! wah!!! po presita!!!

How great is getting a KODAMA for christmas!!!!!!!!!!! It's soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for more presents!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soo pooped! and I need to go to bed...... How sad... first night on break and im goiong to bed at 11:30... oh well.

Humpin Humpin is getting on my nerves.... Grrrrrr

How great did Scott get the part of King Sextimus the Silent in the play Once Upon a Mattress??

Definitely gonna be a great play to watch!! haha

Today was one big party and now im pooped out!!!!


*~*Your very own SUPERMEH*~*

current mood: bitchy

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Tuesday, December 19th, 2000
10:10 pm - UM.... OMG!!!!!!!!
Well Shout out to the one and only 90% Angel!!! I love ya babe!! You are just sooo mush squared... That's mush mush for all you mentally challanged people... I'm so proud of my little whippersnapper!! *tear* My little Absolut Angel is growing up!! *sniff sniff*

Concert went ok... Orchestra was fine up to the LAST SONG!!!!!!! Talk about SOUR notes!!!!! Band rocked! Yessssss!!! haha ok enough of that...

EWW I just found out the grossest thing in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I found out from my dear brother that a sophmore from PHS was "serviced" yes serviced... IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!! in the girl's bathroom by... (okay here's the bad part.....) by ANOTHER GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So basically when I heard about though "other girl" I automatically assumed... guess who?? None other than "humpin humpin" herself. I seriously wouldn't be surprised.... Maybe that's where she goes during lunch........ *shudder*
So NOTE TO SELF!!!!!!! *NEVER USE GIRL'S BATHROOM EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Well I'm out!!!!!!!!
*~*A Completely Grossed Out SUPERMEH*~*

current mood: uncomfortable

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Sunday, December 17th, 2000
11:03 pm - MEH
Work work work work work work work... The weekends are great... Sundays SUCK!! I'm the biggest procrastinator ever~ Well maybe not ever... That award goes to Dierge who still has college aps to finish probably... jk you know i love you dierge!!! The only thing keeping me going right now is that we have FOUR MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!! whoo hooo!!!!!

Well back to all the Homework I left to last minute...

*~*Your very own stressed out SUPERMEH*~*
(This entry really does deserve a SUPER MEH!!)

current mood: working

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Saturday, December 16th, 2000
5:48 pm - Ohhh Yeahhhh
Last Night was the best!! Had soo much fun! Steph, Art, Simon, Alex... oh so great!! hehe~ WE should do that a lot more often... if we can? anyways... I found out that I need to go out and buy even MORE presents with my NONEXISTANT money!!! How great! The holidays are a time that ensues criminal acts. How else do you think I give everyone a present?? They may be tainted but at least it comes from the heart right?? lol

Al~ I'm going to look for the thing in the box...(Do you think that is good?) but if i can't find it you know what I want. Oh yeah.... (that wasn't a sexual reference all you pervs! Stop reading Othello "That black ram is tupping your white ewe" there you happy!!??!??!) I think I want to buy the $3.50 cologne at K-Mart!!!!!! hahaha!!!!

Steph~"Wait rewind the tape!!! I think I just saw a bird poop..." Ohhhhhh man... Sooo bad!!! and STOP COPYING MY ORDER!!!! D.P and a Chicken BLT... HMPH that was MY dinner selection! I don't care what you say.

How great was the Art & Simon scene in the mall parking lot??? NoOoOoO!!!!! btw.. I'll give you a piggy back ride any time k? and I'll put that Sex for Dummies on my "list of presents" to steal... I mean buy.... errr ;)

Well it's time for me to part~
"Remove head from sphincter THEN drive!!"

*~*Your very own SUPERMEH*~*

current mood: jubilant

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Thursday, December 14th, 2000
5:58 pm - Aww!
I know I'm just racking in these journal entries now....

*hugz* to Georger-dude-boy... Don't be blue and don't resign!!!!!! We need you!!!!!!!!!!!

current mood: quixotic

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5:53 pm - Oops
I didn't put up my cool faces and stuff!

current mood: giggly

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5:41 pm - Smoochie Hit List
Oh man... Jenn know's about my smoochie hit list???? not good not good... hehehe~ Why why why couldn't we have gone to the library tomorrow for English instead of today??? Then me and Krista would have been happy. Happy and drooling.. but happy nonetheless. :)

I haven't done ANYTHING useful today... except maybe taking my Physics Test for two hours. Well a little less than that.... Anyways!!!!!!! Friday is almost here!!!! whoo hoo 6 more hours to go.... I can't wait!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is gonna be a blast! So excited~ Steph, Art, Simon, and Alex... the four musketeers *wink wink* hehe
Art?? Simon?? Stranger?? NOooOooOo! Okat that quote is getting a bit overused...

Howw great was my "excuse" in English "trying" to get out of the homework. Mrs. Brennan's "You're a smart girl Grace" can be translated into... "You're a smart girl... You can make up a better excuse than that." haha
Too bad she's right. Oh well.

Tennis/Sports Awards Night is later... Can't wait to sit there for four hundred minutes sitting... waiting... doing nothing... blahhhh! All I'm saying is we better be home before 9:00PM because Charmed is on and I am DYING to see it!!!!!!! I know Steph agrees with me on this one...

Well I'm out like a goat in a moat? That makes no sense.... I'll just use George's phrase "revised" of course...
"I'm out like a fat boy in dodge ball!!!!"

*~*Your very own SUPERMEH*~*

P.S. Shout out to my cuzzie "Kathy the giant" in SoCali!!! Thanx for the ENDLESS lists of music! Rock on!! ^^;;;

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Wednesday, December 13th, 2000
8:25 pm - BLAH
Bush is President??? NO! NooOoOoOOOOOooo!
aRt is a stranger!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6:07 pm - Dead Tired.
I have un petite problem. I am suffering from narcaleptic relapses. Steph came over yesterday and I fell asleep on the table... I fell asleep every day in Physics for at least 5 minutes this whole week... I don't know whats wrong with me!! aRGH!!!!!

Shout out to J. Witness who commented on how TINY i am. "look at how small your hand are!! That's so cute!!" er... okay :)
I'm a malicious little midget. hee hee hee

so Humpin Humpin is still mad Steph?? eh.. No biggie... It's probably another one of her EPISODES....

So.... Amanda's all like.... I can't eat at the Olive Garden because its not REAL italian food... yet she can eat school spaghetti????? Gross... I wouldn't even eat that stuff... REAL ITALIAN FOOD MY ASS!!! anyways...

I'm out...
*~*Your very own SUPERMEH*~*

current mood: stressed

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2000
5:45 pm - Simon is home
Muh-Meee Simon is home! is the best quote ever... NOt much happened today.... Except maybe... So are you felling LIBERATING today? or... BORNNNN FREEEE.
Okay how nuts is it that me and steph sat OUTSIDE my house drawing for our art class. We we're sooo cold!!!!!!! and my foot froze!!!!!!!
So why is it that we haven't gotten any snow???? C'mon!!! snow!!!
"That black ram is tupping your white ewe" Oh god... ALright.... I'm waiting until something INTERESTING happens.

current mood: artistic

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Monday, December 11th, 2000
9:32 pm - Epiphany #2
Will you guys get your damned nicknames STRAIGHT!?!?!?
SIMON and ART are the best!!!!!!!

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9:31 pm - I just had an epiphany.
Muh Meeeeeee.... SIMON is home!!!!!!!!
You rock boy!

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9:10 pm - Laa de daah!
Okay, so how bad is that certain someone in band that i absolutely can't stand... Can she get any more screechy??????? Ahh!!!!!!!! Put the instrument down!!!!!!!!!! *shudder* I took my playing test today and got a 100... go me!! yay!! and i took my seating test... hopefully i get first chair but no sleep will be lost if i dont.
In English today... we were reading Othello in Brennan's class and we hear J. Witness's cello... followed by the word... "ass" said by brennan in a passage in the play... i dont think anyone can keep a straight face after that situation... The class was laughing hysterically for about 5 minutes. And Vanessa and I got in trouble for talking in class. BAD teacher assistant!!!!!! j/k Vanessa you know I love you!!!!
So Alex.... HOW HOT DID "YOU KNOW WHO" look today!?!??!?!!?? hehe.... I must admit he CAN and usually does look pret-ty FI-NNE. :)
Guys can definitely use sweaters to an advantage... Oh my lord can they!! MmmMMmHmmM!
Especially when SR wears that black sweater.... I'm in drool city!!!!!
So, I'm looking foward to Friday Alex... It's gonna be a blast!!!!!!!!!! hehe!!

Well I'm out!!
*~*Your very own SUPERCOW*~*

current mood: high

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Sunday, December 10th, 2000
9:15 pm - Oh yeah.....
I'm just in the Christmas mood... ya know!!!!!!!!
Okay. thats all.

current mood: bored

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9:08 pm - *Sigh*
Why is it that nothing interesting happens to me on Sunday's? boohoo... Anyways........ I put up christmas light in my house since no one else was doing it... I must say it came out pretty good. :)
Nice that I just realized I have a huge French test tomorrow and do I know any vocabulary words?? Of course not!
Well..... time to go do the rest of my homework to kill the rest of my boring ass sunday.... Actually it wasn't that bad today... considering I got to sleep until 1PM!! How great!
Well I'm out...
*~*Your very own AnkleBiter*~*

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12:30 am - MEH MEH MEH
So, I decided... Hey this journal thing is pretty phat.. Oui, non? isn't that an oxymoron though?? anyways..........
Here I am.... You're very own SUPERCOW... now known as SUPERMEH but i still go by my other names so don't fret!
So, what happened today you're probably wondering... actually its YESTERDAY... since its 12:30AM here on the East Coast... Today was Breakfast With Santa at the High School. I got to play these cool christmas duets with Sam... My fellow flutist~ I soloed my part like no soloing I have ever done before. It was pretty great. Anyways... After the Breakfast With Santa...(Why isn't there a Breakfast with a Hanukkah Bush maybe?) ok... moving on.... after the H.S. thing Steph and myself went to go visit J.Mint (aka. "B") at work and I was so tempted to go... "Muhmeeeeeeee Gracie is homeeeeee" thats basically from the movie, with Steph's future husband Bruce Willis, Mercury Rising. Ok... so we walk to Dierge's house from there and we are about to cross the street when Steph goes... "C'mon lets go" she hits my Root Beer bottle and it goes flying and i run after it screaming NOOOOOO and running away from a car tunring into me. Then we cross Hicksville Road and she decides she doesn't want to cross yet... So I'm screaming "HEY STEPH!!!! ARE YOU OK!?!?!?!" While she's just STANDING THERE!!!!!!
So we get to Dierge's house to find she isn't tehre... so then we walk to amanda's house and while walking there I see this little stuffed bear on someone's lawn.. so I sat it down on a tree branch... Pretty Great huh?
Today.. or yesterday was the closing night of the play and i must say it went pret-ty well. At least Ian got his shoes on this time... "I left my shoes in the car" was his improv line.
After the play I came out to find that my dearest friends had come to see me act... My character Big Mary... pretty great...
THANKS J.WIT FOR THE FLOWER!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm going to cry!!!!!!!!!!! *tear*
"You're the swellest kid I've ever met."
Well I'm out...

current mood: full

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